Improved Shearing

There are a couple of things that can improve results with the Shear filter (Filter>Distort>Shear). First, since the Shear filter only works in one direction, you’ll often have to rotate the image 90 degrees (Clockwise or Counterclockwise depending on which direction you want to Shear.

Also, if you have a small object on a layer by itself, it will usually help if you make a loose selection around the object before using Shear. (After you’ve used the Shear filter, rotate the image back the way it was.).

How Many Undos?

Photoshop has (virtually) unlimited undos. Of course you could keep pressing Command-Z over and over again until you run out of undos, but there is an easier way to know how many undos you actually have available. Click on the pop-up status menu at the bottom left of the document window. Change the option to Number of Undos, see how many you’ve got and undo away.

Text Tracking

To quickly change the tracking (space between letters) for selected text, press Command-T to get the character palette, then click on the Tracking field. Press the up arrow key to increase the tracking by 20, or Shift and the up arrow to increase tracking by 200.

Browser Workspaces

You may find yourself working with more that one configuration of the File Browser. For example, one with large custom thumbnails and no preview, another in details view. Rather than switching back and forth, set up the File Browser the way you want them to go to Window>Workspace>Save Workspace. Create a workspace for each File browser configuration to easily switch between views. (Hint: Create a workspace for the File Browser that hides also all floating palettes.).

Make Your Own Swatch

To add color to the Swatches palette, just move your mouse to the gray area after the last swatch and click. To add a new swatch without naming it, hold down Option as you click in the Swatches palette.