Adding New Text Close to Existing Type

Did you ever try to add some new text a little to close to existing text, only to have the Type tool assume you want to edit the existing text? To avoid this, hold down the Shift key as you click with the Type tool Ð this will ignore the existing text and create a new type layer, no matter how close you click to the original text.

To quickly flag an image in the file browser, select the image then press Command.

A Quicker Extraction

When you’re using the Extract command and have painted with the highlight tool, you have to fill with the Fill Tool, then press Preview to see the results. For a quicker preview, hold down the Shift key as you click with the Fill tool and it will fill and preview in one step.

Setting Styles for Shapes

In the options bar you can choose a style before drawing with a shape tool. To quickly change the style setting for a shape tool, try these shortcuts:

  • , (comma): previous style
  • . (period): next style
  • >: last style
  • <: first style (by default is no style)

Smudge with Color

To "finger paint" with the Smudge tool, adding in the Foreground color into the process of smudging, hold down the Option key as you use the Smudge tool. Otherwise you’d have to turn Finger Painting on and off in the Options bar.