Scale Layer Styles

If you’ve applied a Layer Style to a layer and then scale down the contents of the layer, the style probably needs to be scaled too.

Rather than returning to the original settings and re-adjusting them, just Control-click in the layers palette on the word effects and from the menu of choices, choose scale effects.

Use the slider to scale all effects on the layer to a more appropriate size.

Heal to a Blank Layer

Take advantage of the ability of the Healing brush to "use all layers". Add a blank layer above your images and in the options bar, check the Use All Layers box. Then use the Healing brush as usual, but now the pixels appear on the new layer. Then you can use the layer’s opacity and/or blending modes to alter the effects of the Healing brush.

Scroll Multiple Images

Open several images and from the Window menu, choose Arrange>Tile. They’ll be arranged so they are all visible, tiled against each other. If you want to scroll the view of all the images at the same time, hold down the shift key and the spacebar. As you scroll the view of the active images, the other images will scroll too.

Limit the Effects of an Adjustment Layer

If you want an adjustment layer to only affect certain layers, put those layers into a set and put the Adjustment layer in that set, at the top. Change the bleeding mode from Pass Through to Normal and the Adjustment layer will only be applied to those layers within the set.

Transforming Type

Although it is possible to apply some free transform commands to type, you cannot use either the distort or perspective commands. You could rasterize the type, but you risk losing quality if you make the type larger. Instead, convert the text to a shape by using Layer>Type>Convert to Shape. All transformation commandswill be available and there will be no loss of quality.