Temporary Flatten a File

To open a flattened version of a layered document, hold down Shift-option as you open the file. You’ll be asked if you want to "Read the composite data instaed".

This only works if "Always Maximize Compatibility for Photoshop Files" is checked in the File handling preferences. (Don’t worry about over-writing the layered original with the save command – you can’t. Only save as is available when you open the composite version of a layered file).

Favorite Folder in the File Browser

If you have one or more folders that you find yourself visiting in the File Browser on a regular basis, you can make them part of the pop-up "location" menu. From the file menu in the File Browser, choose Add folder to favorites. From then on, your folder will be readily available in the pop-up menu, under Favorite Folders.

Copy a Layer in the Exact Same Location

To make a copy of your current layer and have it appear in the exact same place in a different open Photoshop document, use the Duplicate layer command. Control-click on the layer and choose Duplicate layer. In the Duplicate Layer dialog, choose the other document from the destination pop-up menu, click ok and the layer will appear in the same position.

Swap Measurements

If you’ve entered a width and a height for the Crop tool (or the Marquee tool with Fixed Size chosen) you can easily swap the measurements by clicking the small button between the width and height fields.

Scroll While Lassoing

If you’ve zoomed in to use the Lasso tool and your nearing the edge of a window, you’ll need to scroll over to continue using the Lasso. To do this, don’t let go of the Lasso and press the Spacebar. This will temporarily activate the Hand tool so you can scroll to the side. Let go of the spacebar to continue to use the Lasso.