Find the Transform Handles

If you have dragged a large image onto a smaller layer the outer edge of the new, larger layer is of course, hidden.

This becomes a problem when you use the free transform command, since you cannot see the handles to transform the layer. To solve this, after pressing Command-T for free transform, press Command-O to change the view to fit on screen.

Photoshop will zoom out the image so the transform handles are visible and you can go ahead with dragging those handles to transform the image.

Drag to a Specific Location

Here’s how to drag and drop a layer from one document to a specific location in another document. First, make a small selection in your "destination" document that indicates the center of where you want the layer to be dropped. Then go back to the "source" document, hold down Shift and drag and drop the layer to the destination window. The new layer will automatically be centered over the selected area.

Better Scrubbers

In most dialogs you can use the scrubber hand to change measurements. To change the performance of the scrubber, try using these keys: Shift will make the scrubber jump very quickly to large and smaller numbers; Option will slow down the scrubber to move one number at a time.

A Better Navigator

The Navigator is a great way to change the view of your document, since you always get a thumbnail view of your image. To zoom into a specific area of an image usingthe navigator, hold down Command and you’ll get a magnifying glass that you can click and drag to zoom onto an area.

Get Back to That Preference

Pressing Command-K opens the Preferences dialog. If you want to jump directly to the last preference you used, add Option into the mix, making the shortcut Command-Option-K.