Maximize File Browser

Give yourself the maximum viewing area for the File Browser by viewing it in Full Screen Mode, with all palettes hidden.

To do this, hold the Command key and then click on the File Browser button in the options bar and you’ll get the maximum view File Browser. Closing the File Browser won’t get your palettes back – you have to Command-click the File Browser again.

To get back to the regular setup (the standard size File Browser and all your palettes back) just click the Browser’s Zoom button, then press the Tab key on your keyboard twice.

Undo on a Slider

After youÕve applied a filter, used a tool such as the Brush, Blur or Dodge tools (any tool; that uses a brush shape) or used an adjustment command like Levels, you can use the fade command to gradually reduce the effects. After using any of these techniques, look under the edit menu for the fade command Ð it will say ÒFade Gaussian BlurÓ, ÒFade brush toolÓ, ÒFade LevelsÓ, etc. Drag the slider to gradually fade out the effects of the last step you did Ð undo using a slider!

Cycle through Layer and Blend Modes

With the move tool selected, press Shift -+ or Ð to cycle through the Layer Blending modes.

See Your Type Color

When you’ve highlighted type and and are trying to change the color you can’t actually see the color since the text is highlighted. To see the color you want to apply, press Command-H to hide the highlighting. Now you’ll be able to see the colors as you choose them for your text.

Change Ruler Measurements

To change the unit of measurement for your rulers, don’t bother going to the preferences, just Control-click on the rulers and a pop-up box will let you choose the new unit of measurement.