Reset the Preferences as You Launch

You’ve probably heard the best way to fix many common problems in Photoshop is to delete the Preferences.

Rather than struggling to find the preference file and delete it, instead, quit Photoshop and then re-launch it, holding down Command-Option-Shift. You’ll be asked if you want to delete the preferences.

Click OK and all your settings will revert back to the original "out of the box" default.

Open Multiple Images

In the Open command, you can open several images at once from the same folder by using Shift or Command. In the Open dialog, Shift-click to open documents "in a row", or use Command and click on "discontinuous" names. Then click open.

Zoom Tricks

To keep your document window the same size while zooming up and down, hold option (PC: Alt) while pressing Command-+ or Ð.

Change Channels In Adjustment Dialogue Boxes

When your using Levels, Curves or other Adjustment commands, use the keyboard to switch between channels:

  • Command-1:Red (Cyan in CMYK Mode)
  • Command-2: Green (Magenta in CMYK Mode)
  • Command-3: Blue (Yellow in CMYK Mode)
  • Command-4: Black (only in CMYK Mode)
  • Command-~: Master/overall (RGB or CMYK depending upon the mode)

Turn Layers Into Separate Documents

If you have created a multi-layered document and you need to create separate documents from those layers, there’s an automated way to do this. From the File menu choose Scripts>Export Layers to Files. A dialog will offer lots of choices as to what format you want, file naming etc.