With every significant release of any interesting or special technology comes the Anandtech review of said technology, and the Apple Thunderbolt Display is no different. The thing about Anandtech reviews is that they are incredibly thorough, so if there was anything you ever wanted to know about the Apple Thunderbolt Display (and perhaps even a few things you didn’t want to know you wanted to know about), then head on over and read their review.

Support for a quad-core ARM processor has appeared in Apple’s own Xcode IDE, and no one knows why it’s there. Ars Technica speculate that support could have been included for the next generation of iOS devices, but the other, more interesting angle is that Apple may be considering non-x86 processors for a revamped MacBook Air, or similar.

Microsoft may have been a little lax in updating Word 2011 (or any of the Office 2011 suite for Mac, really) to support the new Versions feature in Lion, but that doesn’t mean you can emulate Lion’s Versions feature in Word in other programs. TUAW give you a helping hand and show you how.

There’s a little-known utility on the Mac called Image Capture, and it does exactly what you would expect, in that it allows you to import photos from your camera without having to use iPhoto or any other heavyweight capturing software. Macworld give you a run-down.